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Tips & Tools

Tips & Tools

Tips & Tools to Cut Waste

Paper Trail

Reduce the amount of direct mail and bulk mailings that you receive

Contact the Direct Marketing Association at to remove your name from their members' mailing lists

Valpak coupons - you can go to Cox Target Media and complete their simple online form to remove your address from their mailing list

MoneyMailer coupons - you can go to to remove your name from their mailing list

At you can select (for free) which department store or mail order catalogs to not receive in the mail

Rather than receive magazine subscriptions via mail, many publishers offer online subscriptions. Also, local or county public libraries offer online access to a incredible number of newspapers, magazines, and trade journals, which can be read directly from the comfort of your computer screen - check it out!

To stop receiving credit card offers in the mail, you can go to to opt out

Phone books can require a little more persistence in order to stop having them delivered to your home.
You can start with the Yellow Pages Association's website, and by entering your zip code, it will provide you with your local directory publishers' contact information to opt out

     - For the Yellow Book directory, you can also go to to opt out

All Things Plastic

Use BPA-free water bottles, rather than buying bottled water, as most of the empty bottled water plastic bottles end up in landfills rather than being recycled

Grocery/shopping bags - Paper or Plastic?
- Use totes made of recycled plastic fibers for dry goods, such as canned, boxed or bottled items; if you use them for packaged meat, fish, vegetables or dairy products, make sure to wash the totes on a regular basis to avoid potentially harmful bacteria from forming
- Use paper or plastic bags for non-dry goods; just be sure to recycle either after use

Avoid buying products packaged in plastic clamshells, as that type of plastic packaging is almost never recycled

Look for products in multipacks or bulk, which will reduce the amount of packaging required compared to single item packs