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Quick Facts & Stats

Quick Facts & Stats

Quick Facts & Stats about Waste & Recycling

In the US, we generate an average of about 4.6 pounds of municipal solid waste per person per day, of which we recycle or compost about 1/3 of, so that what is sent to landfills or combusted for energy generation is only about 3 pounds per person per dayBreakdown of what happens to our garbage

Municipal solid waste (MSW), which does not include industrial or construction waste, is made up of about 55 - 65% residential (including waste from apartments) and 35 - 45% commercial and institutional (such as schools, hospitals and businesses) generated waste

Nationally, we recycled and composted 85 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2007. This saved 1.3 quadrillion (think 15 zero's!) Btu of energy or the equivalent of 10.7 billion gallons of gasoline, which provided an annual benefit of 193 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reduced, comparable to the annual green house gas emissions from more than 35 million passenger vehicles

In 2007, approximately 31.9 million tons of materials, or 12.6 percent of total municipal solid waste, were combusted for energy recovery

Every ton of mixed paper recycled can save the energy equivalent of 185 gallons of gasoline

Recycling just one ton of aluminum cans conserves more than 207 million Btu, the equivalent of 36 barrels of oil, or 1,665 gallons of gasoline

Recycling rates for selected types of waste