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Tips & Tools

Tips & Tools

Tips & Tools to Recycle More

Organic Waste

kitchen food scraps

Combine used coffee grinds and paper filters with other food scraps and garden/ landscape cuttings in your composter

Vermicomposting is effective way to recycle your kitchen food scraps that is practical even if you live in an apartment or condo

Electronic Gadgets

Several computer manufacturers have free or low cost recycling programs for any of their PC's that you have purchased, such as Dell and HP

Many municipalities in the U.S. have accept old electronics for recycling, however they typically impose a relatively small fee depending on the item and it's size

Donate your old, unused cell phones to local charities

Home Goods

When replacing your home's carpet, check with the installer about any local recycling programs

Many municipalities in the U.S. accept white goods (larger appliances such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, ovens, etc.) for recycling, often at no extra cost beyond the garbage service fee - contact your town for details of their program

Plastic Waste

recycling symbols for all plastics

You can find recycling bins for used plastics bags at most large grocery stores, which can also include all clean type 2 (HDPE) and type 4 (LDPE) bags, such as bags from:
    • drying cleaning
    • toilet paper packages
    • vegetable packs
    • bottled drinks

Many The UPS Store locations accept foamed packaging peanuts for reuse - check with your local The UPS Store for additional details